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Quality Agricultural Products


What We Offer?

In the quality control systems of Agro-Products, classification studies play a crucial role. Determination of type and quality of each and every product is extremely important.

Agro-Products that have been exported via Agraine have been reaching their destination in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Through its continuous improvement quality policy into Agro-Products, Agraine endeavours to fulfil all necessary requirements and specifications required by international standards quality management system.

Our team members are highly specialized in Agro-Products business. At the same time we strive to provide training and assistance “on a regular basis” to individuals in farms and other stages of the business. (Especially regarding hygiene practices so as to prevent microbial, chemical and physical contamination and hazards of Agro-Products.)

Quality is required to ensure trust and trust is the most crucial requirement for a sustainable business relationship. Relatively, Agraine is committed to establish an applicable and sustainable quality system.

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For Example;

Did You Know That Ukraine is;

#1 Exporter of All Sunflower-Oil All Around The World.

#2 Exporter Of Grain Globally

#3 Exporter Of Corn Globally

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