Lesi Ukrainky Blvd. 21. Office: 201 P.O. Box: 01133 Kiev, Ukraine +380 685 548 937
Institutional Identity

Agraine is a registered brand and established company of Ukrainify Group.

Our management are active in business since 2005.

Our company’s head office is in Kiev and we have mobile teams spread all over Ukraine.

We are following each and every Agro-Products flow all over Ukraine.As an institution, we are focused to make sure that all stages of “Agro-Products flow” are professionally observed, controlled, organized and managed.

Know-How, experience, expertise and knowledge regarding “supplying Agro-Products from Ukraine” is the main field that our company is investing in.

Teamwork is a crucial point in successful hazelnut exportation.

Below, we have mentioned main departments that our team are operating:

– Supply Management

– Paperwork

– Payment Management

– Logistics

– Total Quality Management

Prefer Agraine.

Prefer Agraine as your Agro-Products supplier in Ukraine and let us make life easy for you. Meet the professionals in our Kiev office.

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